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Victorian Potpourri Bear

This bear's body is wrapped in potpourri and lace, giving you the fragrant aroma of potpourri throughout an entire room! She is wearing a Victorian look hat made of cotton lace, flowers and feathers and comes accessorised with a matching purse and her own lovely pearl necklace! Comes in a variety of colors to match almost any decor.

Victorian Picture Frame Bear

Let one of these little cuties show off your little cutie! Each bear comes with a removable, decorated frame for displaying your favorite photo. All bears wear hats made out of cotton lace, feathers and flowers, and each has a large tulle-net bow in the back. All frames are decorated with a variety of flowers, pearls/lace to best match the bear's ensemble. The back of the bear is layered with lace and 2 small silk bows for a very Victorian look!

"Happy Birthday" Bear

All dressed up in her Sunday Best, which includes her little pink satin bow, tied stylishly at her neck, her little gold party hat, trimmed in pink boa with pom-pom to top it all off! She's even brought her own *birthday cake* which is topped with a single pink candle! A design made with white tulle and beautiful pink satin rosebuds with green leaves and strings of pearls adorn the top and drape and surround the sides of the cake. This little "cake" also serves as a clever disguise to hide that birthday gift. This little lady can't "bear" to wait any longer and is ready to "go to the party"! Do invite her to yours or bring her as an inforgettable gift. Sure to be a wonderful addition to any occasion.

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