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Victorian Christmas Bear

Dressed in her Christmas best! She is wearing a winter cape made of crushed velveteen and trimmed with a feather boa for additional warmth, not to mention additional style! The present she is holding, which opens up to store small objects or presents, is covered in matching fabric and trimmed with lace and flowers to resemble a present itself. Fabric comes in your choice of Burgundy, Hunter Green or Berry.
Angel Bear

Adorable Christmas Angel Teddy! Isn't she the most adorable thing you've ever seen? Surely this angel was sent from heaven. This wonderful carmel colored teddy bear has sprouted a halo and wings! Her halo of golden roses and leaves floats above her head and her wonderful wings are made from real pure white fluffy feathers. A creamy white satin cape with wonderful golden bric-brac border is draped over her back. She stands 12" high and is 10" from arm to arm. In her arms she carries a gorgeous golden box with a beautiful gold and white poinsetta flower adorning the top. Tuck in that "special" present and have this little angel deliver it for you! What a wonderful surprise!! Sure to be treasured for years.

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